Are there natural ways to cure anxiety?

It is a popular choice today to opt for natural remedies for anxiety rather than relying on medication. Medication for anxiety is a masking of the symptoms, not a cure and it usually has a downside; unpleasant side effects; becoming addicted to the medicine itself; fear of withdrawal symptoms. These issues plus the likelihood of finding you are back where you started and have just delayed dealing with your anxiety head on, are all good reasons why people do not wish to take medication.

If a natural path is your preference you have made a big step in the right direction as natural remedies for anxiety are the best way to tackle this problem. If treated correctly, your anxiety can be resolved quickly with little effort.

Diet is So Important – Never underestimate the power of a good diet. Start to help yourself by eating lots of fresh produce, drinking plain water and eliminate or at least reduce your alcohol and caffeine(coffee) intake. This may seem difficult if you rely heavily on pre-prepared or fast food in your diet so start by replacing just some of your diet with salads, vegetables, and wholegrain rice or pasta. Cook meals with low fat, low salt ingredients and eats more berries, avocado, oranges, mixed nuts and asparagus which are particularly beneficial to anxiety sufferers.
Learn to Relax With Massage – People with anxiety problems find relaxation very difficult. Mind and body are tense and rigid, and it is highly recommended to visit a reputable masseur who will know exactly how to unlock this anxious tension. If you cannot afford this expense, ask your partner or a close friend if they could help you by applying a neck and shoulder massage. People often claim that a massage makes them feel as if they are on cloud nine for some time afterward and it can help sleep problems.
Reprogramming Your Mind – You are now eating better, learning how to relax, now you can concentrate on the core issue. Your amygdala is a small organ in the brain which is responsible for you feeling illogical anxiety or panic about little or nothing. It is functioning on an over sensitive high level which needs to be adjusted back down to its original state.

People are often surprised at the speed and simplicity of this type of treatment when they have been feeling so anxious for a long time. Normal anxiety can be triggered very fast to keep you on guard and will pass just as quickly when the cause is gone. It is therefore not that surprising that treatment can adjust your thinking and reaction within a short space of time as well.

Techniques such as graduated exposure or positive thought process have been around for some time. Today the increasing demand for non-medicated natural remedies for anxiety has produced enhanced branch techniques to deal specifically with anxiety and panic and are designed to be easy for you to implement and practice by yourself.

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